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enjoy salmon fishing, rent Orklagaard 2018-11-28 · Salmon fishing at Orklagaard, under the life-giving Arctic sun, comes with all the magic ingredients to make any angler’s dream come true. In terms of catch, Orkla is consistently one of the top four rivers in Norway. It is also home to big salmon. Norway; Salmon Fly Fishing at Aunan Lodge – Orkla River Home | Fish Tails Blog | Norway; Salmon Fly Fishing at Aunan Lodge – Orkla River Aunan Lodge is located on the banks of the River Orkla and offers 5.5 kilometres of continuous salmon fly fishing consisting of 17 very different pools, most of which have both banks controlled by the lodge which is very unique by Norwegian standards. Orkla Lax - Orkla Salmon. 1,351 likes · 7 talking about this.

Orkla salmon fishing norway

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The long river basin flowing into large Trondheim fjord brings in enough water for the Atlantic salmon fare. 88 km of great fishing pools, fine accessibility and the varied profile of the river make the Orkla River popular and famous all around the world. Welcome to Orkla Salmon! For years we’ve been able to offer fishing on our stretches of the Orkla, and now we can even provide fishing on the Gaula. We have fixed beats which can be rented by the week for groups – with or without accommodation – and rotation fishing, which is growing in popularity. The Guala, Orkla, and Namsen rivers are three well-known salmon rivers in the area.

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Orkla salmon fishing norway - Fiske camper fiske guider boende mm

We (= not me) caught a 22 lbs  av O Calles · 2005 · Citerat av 31 — buried in the substrate, e.g. brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) and Atlantic salmon. (Salmo salar L.)(Elliott, line and electrofishing. Fish were tracked (2002) for a small Norwegian river (2/3 at fall and 1/3 in spring). One Orkla, Norway. Nordic  Atlantic salmon male in breeding suit.

salmon are caught each season. And, last but not least, the Orkla valley is stunningly pretty. The Fishing and the Season Unfortunately, the 2020 salmon season at the Orkla was also heavily influenced by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic at the beginning of this year. Unfortunately, a large number of our guests were unable to fish with us during this season due to entry restrictions and health concerns. The Orkla is, like many rivers in Norway, is extremely tranquil in the slow dreamy way puts off the masses but seduces salmon anglers. The fishing at Aunan is as picture perfect as you could wish for.
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Orkla salmon fishing norway

The season 2017 was excellent, with a total catch of 5613 salmon, about 65% caught on fly. There are many beats, some more accessible than others and I would advise you to take contact with Orklaguiden, by email in English. Fishing day in Orkla River, Norway. Fishing Espas & Halset pools.

A wonderful variety of pools stretching 5.5kms fished by just 12 rods. The Orkla is one of the 3 most productive salmon rivers in Norway. The river is about 50 km south of Trondheim. It flows into the Trondheimsfjord at Orkanger . Salmon rise around 88 km in the Orkla, up to the vicinity of Berkak .
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The Aunan beat of the famous Orkla is run by the ex Liverpool football star, Vegard Heggem and is one of the best run in Norway. The number of fish caught cannot be compared to Russia but catching one or two fish a day can be expected and 30lbs plus fish have been caught every year since the lodge opened in 2002. Fishing Licenses. To fish in Norway's rivers or lakes requires purchasing the proper licenses.

A report from our summer fishing in Orkla, Aunan beat. #fiskebloggendotcom #salmon #lodge #allinclusive #hardyflyfishing #gloomis #nature #fishing #orkla #norway #омега #рибиномасло #омега3 #молерс #молерсомега #бакалар  The Orkla is one of 6 major rivers in the region, which produce a haul of between 30,000 and 40,000 salmon during the fishing season every year. The river has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best competition fishing rivers in Europe, and is well-known for its excellent stocks of large fish. Orkla River Salmon are typical Norwegian fish, with deep chrome bodies and big powerful tails. They are the perfect design to deal with travelling at speed through powerful rivers and over long distances. Aunan Lodge - Salmon fishing in the river Orkla Video of Aunan Lodge The video was shot during the 2011 season, capturing the atmosphere and concept at Aunan Lodge in a good way. ORKLA RIVER.
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This is the former Aunan Lodge that now have a Atlantic Salmon Fishing/Laksefiske, Gaula River, Norway 2016 - YouTube. Financing (DentalFirst) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping.